About Liriks Online

  Thank you for taking time off of your schedule to visit my page.  My name is Michael Luna.  I have been known as Liriks since 1999, when I used to run an online music newsletter. Although that publication is long gone, I have decided to keep the name.

Unlike its predecessor, this site will be focused mainly around Major League Baseball. I live in Akron, Ohio, very close to Cleveland, so much of my content will contain information and opinions about the Cleveland Indians, but I will write on a broader scope as well.  I am very familiar with the American League, but not so much with the National League. Although I will post about both leagues, the majority will center around the American League.

   Because this is an unofficial site, I do not claim to be an affiliate of MLB, nor the Cleveland Indians. I am not paid by the organizations mentioned.  The thoughts and opinions expressed on this site are mine, and may not agree with those of the organizations mentioned.  They are not responsible for my expressions, nor am I responsible for theirs.


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