Sabathia, You Mad, Bro?

Eduardo Nunez bunted. Oh no.

That’s almost all I need to write, but I’m not going to stop there. That’s what C.C. Sabathia was butt-hurt about. A fundamental offensive play. He claims it’s “weak” to bunt against him. That would make me want to bunt against him every at-bat.

I’ve never known a player being this upset over a player bunting on him. So upset he calls him something close to a “Ho ass m-fer.”

Sabathia claimed that he’s not upset because he believes Nunez bunted simply because he might think that Sabathia won’t be able to field the bunt quickly. He says he thinks the bunt play was attempted because they’re afraid. Logically, if you’re not mad because you feel they were trying to take advantage of your disadvantage, then there’s clearly no reason to be mad. The only reason somebody would think that’s a “weak” play is because they feel that their opponent is doing exactly that, taking advantage of a disadvantage. So then it should also be considered “weak” for Sabathia to pitch low and inside to a batter who’s bad at pitches low and inside.  In my opinion, he was butt-hurt because, even though he got to the ball in time, he misfired, allowing Nunez to reach on an error, and that was enough to deflect his error by pointing the finger at the bunt.

There really is no other logical reason to be upset about a player bunting. Bunts are there to sacrifice a runner into scoring position. If fundamental batting upsets you that much, you probably shouldn’t be pitching.

The Red Sox are a team well known for playing small ball this year. They don’t have the power they’ve been famous for in the years past. It’s definitely not something worth barking names about. This is the big leagues. Suck it up.


Salazar Stops Chicago

  How many shutout innings does a pitcher need to pitch before fans finally stop being so negative? Especially the fans who get extremely upset when they lose a game and think the entire season is finished because of it.

  Salazar isn’t an ace, we know that. He’s still capable of throwing 6 scoreless innings and that’s what matters. You can argue that they won against the worst team. Sure you can. They’re not the worst team because of their hitting. If your pitchers aren’t doing their job, the White Sox can pack a pounding. Avisail Garcia is batting .303, Leury Garcia .298, Melky Cabrera .295, Jose Abreu .293, with a combined 198 RBIs. Salazar was able to keep those dangerous batters at bay until the 7th inning when he gave up the only 2 runs of the game. Any ace pitcher with common sense would be happy to have that type of an outing.

  Salazar’s performance comes at a key time when the Indians are on a hot streak, giving them 8 consecutive wins. Corey Kluber takes the mound tomorrow looking for number 9.