It Takes Two to Beat a Yankee

  Across the board, the New York Yankees are favored to win the Wild Card game against the Minnesota Twins on October 3rd, 2017 by nearly every shot caller. At a glance, it’s easy to see why. The game will be played at Yankee Stadium, which helps boost that favor, and the Yankees bullpen is amazing.

  I have thrown together a few stats to determine my own weigh-in.

Ervin Santana vs Yankees this season: Out of 30 at-bats, the Yankees have scored 2 runs on 7 hits and 2 walks allowing a .233 batting average. In total this season, he has a 16-8 win-loss record. His opponents have scored 77 earned runs on 177 hits and 8 walks with a 3.28 ERA.

Luis Severino vs Twins this season: Out of 13 at-bats, the Twins have scored 3 runs on 5 hits and 1 walk allowing a .385 batting average. In total this season, he has a 14-6 win-loss record. His opponents have scored 64 earned runs on 150 hits and 51 walks with a 2.98 ERA.

  So it’s a roller coaster. The pitching is great on both ends. Their seasonal records put Severino on top, while thier VS records put Santana on top. There aren’t enough VS games to give a solid analysis.

  Knowing that this is a make or break game, each team has decided to start their best pitchers, and rightfully so. Out of my own research, I will not consider the Twins an underdog in this particular game. They may have came out of nowhere to earn a wild card spot, but they did just that; they earned it. If they were to play a series, I would consider them an underdog because the Yankees manhandled them in the regular season 27-19, winning 4 out of 6 games. Santana did not pitch either game won by the Twins in 2017. He did, however, pitch a white-knuckler loss allowing just 2 runs in an outstanding pitcher’s duel on September 18th. He gave up a 1st inning solor homer to Aaron Judge and allowed his final run in the 6th inning when Todd Frazier sacrificed Chase Headley home on a fly ball.

  Regardless of which team wins, they will have their hands full against the historic Indians on October 5th.


Fister Leaves His Rock

  Doug Fister hasn’t won a game since last August, but like he normally does against the Indians, he has pitched a gem. He has been living in a rock for all this time and now that the Indians have decided to stop over to pay a visit, he thought it would be a great idea to climb out and say “Hello.”

  I mentioned in the previous post what Mike Clevinger would have to do to have any chance against Boston and he did the opposite. All but one of the scoring hits were middle/middle in, where I wrote he would need to stay away from. When you do the opposite of what you’re supposed to do, you get taken out of the game before the 4th inning has completed.

  Fister isn’t the only player on Boston who has befuddled the Indians. Eduardo Nunez has played the Indians for fools. When stealing 3rd base, he had already been halfway between 2nd and 3rd before the pitch had even been released without a single thought of throwing over to pick him off. I retract my viewpoint about Chicago’s win not taking anything away from Cleveland’s offensive run. The Indians were simply not in the game and it showed all the way through with the exception of Bradley Zimmer’s 2-run blast. This now gives Boston one more season win than the Tribe.  Game 2 tomorrow night. Chris Sale will host Carlos Carrasco.

Michael’s View

Carlos Carrasco will need some Red Bull to keep up with Chris Sale tomorrow. Both pitchers pitched quality starts on their last outings. Sale is among the league’s strikeout elite kings as of his last outing.

Carlos Carrasco: The bats are strong right now for the hot Red Sox. Carrasco will need to be on his A game if he wants to keep up with Sale. Unlike Sale, Carrasco needs to be spot on with his pitches. He doesn’t have room to play around the plate.

Chris Sale: Completely opposite. He can pretty much pitch anywhere he wants to and get away with it. His problem isn’t usually location as much as it is mechanics. As long as his mechanics are fine, he’s going to fool batters.